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Diary of a Design Blogger

SaksPOV chats with Sketch42 blogger Nicole Cohen about art, fashion an what it takes to become a successful blogger

SaksPOV is looking for the next big blogger! On the occasion of our partnership with IFB, we are talking to bothup and coming and established bloggers to find out how they’re making it happen. Here, learn about Nicole Cohen, founder of Sketch42, a blog dedicated to the fusion of fashion, interior design, photography and art that Cohen herself creates! She’s collaborated with Leandra Medine for The Manrepeller, reviews hot new boutiques such as Fivestory in New York to name a few.

I knew I wanted to be a blogger when…There wasn’t really an aha! moment for me. It was 2008 and I just had a baby and wasn’t working. I was obsessed with interior design. It was the perfect combination of boredom and obsession. My blog grew really slowly (at a glacial pace!) until I finally hit my groove and started to get better at it, and my readership grew as well.

To me design is all about…Elegance, balance and personality. I love pieces with history and I love to see homes with perspective and ambition. A room that’s personal, interesting and unique is more exciting to me than a room that is just pretty.

My inspirations are…All the amazing women in my life that have guided me throughout the years. My grandmother, mother, aunts, mother in law, cousins and sisters… I come from a long line of strong, creative women who do amazing things, and I plan to do them proud.

I still dream to…Grow. I am always trying to make better things — whether it’s art, design, blog posts — and be better at my craft, while experimenting. One day that could lead to a solo show, an accessories collection, more exciting work.

My advice for bloggers out there…Have a point of view! Don’t try to be like everyone else. Get better at photography and take your own pictures. Make things. Blog everyday. Set up a backlog of 10 backup posts that you can fall back on if you are not around to blog one day. Read other blogs, but don’t let it get to you. Meet people in person, it really does still matter. Be personable but not personal.


Nicole’s art studio in Manhattan.

Artworks by Nicole Cohen.

Nicole’s daughter models a floral wreath that Nicole designed as a DIY blog post.

An interior as featured on Sketch42.


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