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Saks.com’s Vice President and Divisional Merchandise Manager Yumi Shin talks about her first brush with Marni and why she’s been painting her own wardrobe with it ever since

It all started with a pair of pants.  Quite specifically,  a pair of high-waisted, green brocade pants. They were luxe and supremely cool. They were in a word, Marni.

“I saw them and knew I had to have them,” says Saks.com Vice President and Divisional Merchandise Manager Yumi Shin of her first brush with, the 18-year old Italian ready-to-wear house, designed by Consuelo Castiglioni . “I just love wearing them. They completely embody my style.”

Nearly a decade after Yumi’s said pant acquisition, her fascination with Marni continues. From the brand’s signature wood soled platform shoes to ladylike self-frame handbags and boxy tops, Yumi’s own personal wardrobe abounds with the stuff. Now, Marni is hitting Saks.com and Yumi is beyond excited.  In fact, she already has her shopping list planned out.

“I love the artsy elements,” Yumi waxes on about the collection, which is on pre-order on Saks.com today.


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