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Get to Know Antonio Berardi

The Sicilian born, London-bred designer stops by Saks to talk about style and substance

At Saks, we always get asked about the people behind the clothes. So, when a designer stops by Saks, SaksPOV is always on the ground, ready with a litany of questions to quench the curiosities of our fashion-loving audience. Antonio Berardi recently stopped by Saks’ New York flagship and talked to us about razor-sharp style, inspiration and how he got into the fashion business — and oh, his drop dead gorgeous clothes!

SaksPOV: Were you always a lover of fashion?

Antonio Berardi: I grew up in a Sicilian household in the middle of England. We had this weird idea of how people would see you. I had a Sicilian wardrobe for when we went back to Italy and an English wardrobe.

SaksPOV: How is your unique upbringing reflected in your ready-to-wear?

A.B.:  My collection reflects both my Catholic and Sicilian sides. It goes from very strict and restricted to very sensual.

SaksPOV: How do you describe your style?

A.B.:  I like things that are crisp and timeless…things a woman can keep in her wardrobe for more than one season. It’s easy to design base on trend. It’s not easy to design classics.

SaksPOV:  Where do you find inspiration?

A.B.:  I’m inspired by art, music and film. I always imagine the [musical] beats my clothes are walking to.

SaksPOV:  Tell us about your Fall 2012 collection that’s in Saks now?

A.B.:  I was looking at churches and their baroque, curved forms inspired curved seams. It’s the idea that you would whip something as hard as marble to appear soft. It’s also slightly 80’s influenced, with its off-kilter asymmetry.



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