Vogue and Three Top Bloggers Ring In the New Maje Shop

Top bloggers Lisa Dengler, Lainy Hedaya and Kat Tanita style Maje pieces to fete the new shop at the NYC flagship store.

Maje is one of those great contemporary brands that has an unfettered, universal appeal. Any woman or girl can excavate the Maje racks and walk away with a piece destined for longevity in any closet. When a hallmark brand of that nature opens up shop at Saks, we naturally have to toast its welcomed arrival. Vogue magazine joined us for the festivities, alongside three of our favorite stylists in the blogosphere – Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog, Lainy Hedaya of Haute Inhabit and Kat Tanita of With Love From Kat.


A Look at the Maje Shop on 5th at the NYC Flagship Store

We picked the girls’ brains about their experiences with the brand and asked them to put their styling muscle to the test by putting together a fashion-forward look from the latest goods hanging on the Maje hangers in the new shop on the NYC flagship’s fifth floor. Take a peek at what our three honored guests whipped up for the occasion.


Our Honored Guest Lainy Hedaya, Lisa Dengler and Kat Tanita 

SAKSPOV: What do you look to Maje for? What fashion needs does the brand fill in your wardrobe?

LISA DENGLER: I look to Maje for the pieces that I know I will love forever. Pieces that are a little different and have their own uniqueness, yet still stand the test of time. From my favorite jacket to my favorite boots, Maje knows exactly what I want right now, want next year and even want 10 years from now.

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Paul Andrew and Tanya Taylor Among 2014 CFDA/VFF Finalists

The prestigious fund will name the next big American designer on November 3rd.

This past week, at the Westfield World Trade Center, the future home of Conde Nast come November, The Council of Fashion Designers of America/Vogue Fashion Fund (CFDA/VFF) announced its ten finalists for 2014. Over the past few years, The CFDA/VFF has proven itself to be a particularly sound barometer for spotting the leading American designers tomorrow. Past winners include Altuzarra, Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler.

Paul-Andrew-shoes-CFDA-VFF-finalist-saks copyThe Latest from Paul Andrew

Zenadia Classic Suede Pumps

Shirin Calf Hair & Leather Ankle Boots    I    Suede Fringe Ankle Boots

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Absolutely Aerin

I grew up reading magazines.  From when I was a little girl I just loved fashion and inhaled the pages of Vogue as if they had every nutrient that was essential for my tiny being. One thing that always fascinated me was the social pages. The parties. The glamour. The gorgeous socialites — Aerin Lauder, Marina Rust, Renee Rockefeller.

Aerin Lauder, specifically, has long been my personal style icon — with her tawny glow, gold flecked hair and exquisite collection of Oscar de la Renta gowns. So it was with great excitement that my first assignment many years ago as a Women’s Wear Daily reporter was to interview her.  She was as lovely, gracious and smart as I imagined she would be, talking about her grandmother Estee’s namesake company opening its first boutique in Manhasset on Long Island. Of course, I asked her lots of business questions, but what I really wanted to know was personal — what are her beauty secrets?

Well, it took some years later, but I did get to interview Aerin again recently on behalf of Saks Fifth Avenue, where she launch her own eponymous beauty collection, dubbed Aerin.  The collection is simple and really beautiful. Centered on two palettes with eyes, cheek color and lip color, the collection is divided into “weekday” and “weekend” looks. As a mom of two boys, Aerin (outfitted in a chic black Lanvin skirt suit and Christian Louboutin pumps) talks about looking glamorous and effortless beauty tips, her favorite fashion designers and yes (!) even her favorite form of social media.

SaksPOV: You practically grew up in the beauty industry. What are some thing your learned from your iconic grandmother Estee Lauder?

Aerin Lauder: Estee always had a unique sense of beauty. She was known for wearing color. She always [had] coral or red lips. She taught me the importance of mistake-proof makeup.

SaksPOV: As a busy mom and beauty mogul, what advice can you offer our generation of multi-tasking women?

A.L.: Take time for you beauty and skincare. Buy products that work and are beautiful. This collection is about effortless beauty.

SaksPOV: It’s the day and age of social media. What is your favorite platform?

A.L.: I love Pinterest. It’s so visual and you can create boards for inspirations. It’s so fun to add and explore. I love Lauren Santo Domingo’s Pinterest. She does a fantastic job.

SaksPOV: We’re coming off of the New York collections. What shows did you go see?

A.L.:  [I saw] Michael Kors, Derek Lam, Thakoon, Oscar, Tory Burch. It’s the start of the fashion season!

SaksPOV: What’s on your shopping list for fall?

A.L.:  I Just bought yellow pointed toe Lanvin flats. [Otherwise looking for] some black leather pieces and a great piece of statement jewelry.

SaksPOV: Spill. What do you carry around in your cosmetic case every day?

A.L.: Foundation, the Aerin palette, lip gloss and lipstick. Lip gloss is so versatile!



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The Fashion Score

Hockey star-turned fashion phenomenon Sean Avery talks with Saks Insider Eric Jennings about style and life off the ice

It’s no news that Sean Avery is as quick and  agile in fashion as he is on the ice. The former New York Ranger, exited the world of professional sports to pursue a longtime passion and curiosity for the business of fashion. That’s not to say that Pickering, Ontario-native is only about style these days. The onetime Vogue intern has opened two restaurant/bars with business partner Matt Abramcyk (Warren 77 and Tiny’s). He’s also recently taken on more of a full time position at the esteemed creative agency, Lipman, which counts David Yurman and Stuart Weitzman as clients.  He’s also taken on the role of a model, with this year’s ads for pedigreed menswear brand Hickey Freeman. We’re impressed, Sean. What’s next? Why, lunch with our Men’s Fashion Director Eric Jennings.

Here’s what transpired… 

Eric Jennings: Tell me about the journey from professional hockey player to fashion industry creative?

Sean Avery: [Fashion] was always something that I embraced as a kid. A lot of it starts with the relationship of being an athlete and wearing a uniform. As a kid, you would take pride in how you put your socks on and how you’d fold them over. With little things with your jersey, you would find your own individuality. Otherwise, you were all the same. As you get older you’re more specific. There’s a relationship between looking good and feeling good.

E.J.: Men are shopping differently these days. It’s not just the business guys. They’re all paying attention to what celebrities, athletes, hoteliers and DJs are wearing. The thought is, “I’ve got to make sure I look the best that I can so that I keep the job, get that job, get the promotion.” It’s no longer a necessary evil to cover your body. How do you view men’s fashion today?

S.A.: A couple of weeks ago this light bulb went off. How often do you not hear the word “metrosexual” anymore? The word has gone away.

E.J.: Morgan Spurlock did a movie called Mansome and it said Metrosexual is the new normal. It’s no longer a buzzy word that makes people feel weird. It is what it is.



E.J.: How has the guy shopper changed? I find, that these days, men are interested in where things are made and how things are made.

S.A.: It’s about educating the consumer. An American man that loves America should be conscious of what he’s wearing and where it’s made. The way to educate them is through the guys that they look up to, which is generally an athlete.

E.J.: What brands do you like?

S.A.: Givenchy. I’m waiting for the weather to get a little bit colder. I got the prints with the sharks and Rottweilers. Hickey Freeman. They have such great quality and they own their factories. I shot an ad campaign with them last year.

E.J.: I saw it. When I went to their showroom, the management team showed me the ad images with you in them. That actually was my first exposure to you. It wasn’t even through hockey, but through fashion. Now you’re working with the agency that produced the campaign.

S.A.: Yes, I’m the talent and the agency. That’s how I met David Lipman. We built a working relationship off of a friendship. It was sort of my admiration for him and what he does with imagery. He is a big sports fan. We just kind of bonded and talked about working together.

E.J.: In what capacities are you working with them?

S.A.: I’m a bit of an all-purpose player, but the idea that I’ll always come back to the branding and marketing side. Recently, I started to focus on social media. We have a candy company called Unreal that I worked on. There are always creative things going on.

E.J.:  Do you have your eyes set on designing your own collection?

S.A.: It’s like trying to be a musician. I’m not a designer. Aesthetically when I look at something I know if I like it. The one space that I would start, if I had the ability to do it, would be to create the ultimate city collection. It’d be a hybrid of live, work, workout and play. It’s more about the fabric and the materials. In the city I take the mindset that I have to walk to work or take a bike to work. I want to be comfortable, but still look presentable.

Photographed by KSW



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Shoe Party!

Hello, Nicole Cohen of Sketch42 here! I write a blog that celebrates design, art, fashion and the wonderful world in which they sometimes collide. Sketch42 is about finding daily inspiration and turning the mundane into an artful experience. The wonderful thing about the state of the modern department store is that they already have turned the mundane into something fabulous. Imagine 50 years ago, telling a woman that shoes would be fetishized to such a degree, that a single pair could cost thousands and that Saks Fifth Avenue would have just expanded their already so-gigantic-it needs-it’s-own-zip-code shoe floor to take up the entire floor! It’s like the shoe floor has manifest destiny — Wall-to-wall, baby!

Of course, with my new burgeoning interest in photography, I was extremely excited to photograph a party, hosted by Vogue and Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann — who looked stunning in Prabal Gurung.

Party goers sipped champagne, modeled and bought some of the season’s coolest styles (I’m looking at you, 3.1 Phillip Lim booties) and were generally fabulous. As usual, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the modern furniture collection — artfully places about the floor.

All in all, it was a fun, lighthearted evening, as all fashion events should be (!). Thanks for having me!

Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann and Prabal Gurung.

Stacks of Vogues lay on sculptural tables, as shoppers browse.

A modern fixture that I simply adore, the crowd.

A Giuseppe Zanotti heel should be mounted and displayed as art.

A party goer models Phillip Lim boots.

Photographer Billy Farrell mugs for the camera with some statement limited edition Louboutins. His face says: Would you wear these?

Ophelia Hohler, Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann, Maggie Betts, Barbara Bush Jr, Prabal Gurung

Vintage Moschino was a surprise theme among shoppers!

Cheers to 5 wonderful years of 10022-shoe!



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