Learn It: Pop That Cork

The Art of Sabrage with Christofle

Before you sip your next glass of champagne, how about a little beheading ritual? Napoleon and his cavalry were known to open their bottles with their swords while on horseback. Talk about flair and finesse!

Christofle the renowned French silver house is bringing back this tradition with Sabrage classes. Sabrage is a technique for opening a champagne bottle with a sabre, used for ceremonial occasions Nicolas Krafft, CEO and President of Christofle North America— a true wine, champagne and spirit connoisseur— is leading a group of participants through Champagne’s rich and luxurious history, followed by a crowd pleasing beheading of a bottle with a sabre. Three programs are offered: Brut Course, Grand Cuvée, and VIP Champagne Seminar and Demonstration. Each program varies the type of champagne served, the length of the course, and any additional features, but all three allow participants a chance to pop a cork of their own.

So if pouring wine and passing out small bites year after year gets to be redundant, throw your next party after a class with Christofle. But be sure to keep that hors d’oeuvre tray loaded to balance out all that delicious bubbly. For more information, see www.champagnesabrage.com.

Main Image: Nicolas Krafft, CEO and President of Christofle North America practices the art of Sabrage