La Eccentrica

Twenty-six years ago, New York’s Museum of Modern Art became the first U.S. institution to honor the work of Pedro Almodóvar. So it was fitting that MoMA hosted a recent gala tribute to Pedro — sponsored by Chanel and attended by everyone from Karl Lagerfeld to Anna Wintour. Alicia Keyes sang a few songs — though it was Bruce Weber’s singing that brought Pedro to tears.

I met up with Rossy de Palma at the event. Rossy’s career has spanned acting, modeling, music (in the self-consciously-named band Peor Imposible) and even perfumery. But she is best known as a muse for Pedro, having starred in many of his films including Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

Rossy is a true eccentric. She was sporting big black eyeglasses that she refers to as “Face Furniture.” She shared with me — in that whiskey-soaked voice that I love — the story of Pultrú, her new Afro-Mallorcan restaurant. Do try to stop in the next time you find yourself in Mallorca. (See the amazing business card in the photo gallery.)

Over the course of the evening, we reminisced about the very first photo shoot I did for Saks, which featured Rossy. It was 2004, and without warning us beforehand, she showed up on the set with a shaved head and numerous visible tattoos. Heart attacks all around. Of course, her devil-may-care sensibility ended up making those ads some of the best we’ve ever done at Saks (cautionary note to models: you may not want to try this approach).