Elle’s Accessories Director Kate Davidson Hudson Gets Jeweled in Ippolita’s New Collection

Kate Davidson Hudson has a pretty plum gig. She’s Accessories Director at Elle magazine, which means it’s her job to (a) surround herself with spectacular bags, jewelry and shoes and, (b) be on the constant hunt for the next gorgeous thing. We’re officially jealous. “One of the most exiting parts about my job is never knowing what the day has in store,” says Davidson Hudson. “I could be in the studio shooting, working on location, sitting with a designer at a presentation…. No two days are ever the same!”

While the George Washington University graduate has a long roster of favorite designers — Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquière and Dior’s Raf Simons, among them — and previously worked in the fashion department at Harper’s Bazaar, accessories are her big crush. “The personalization in what you wear and how you style yourself is found in the details — and those details are always the accessories,” she explains. “Accessories help articulate those subtle nuances that make up your personal style.” Plus, she smartly points out, there’s no such thing as tricky sizing when it comes to your accouterments. “For better or worse,” the Elle director adds, “you’re going to stay the same shoe or ring size. You can’t always say the same thing about that pair of skinny jeans.”

Here, Davidson Hudson takes us through the life-size jewelry box that is the showroom at Ippolita, and gives us her expert tips on how to transform your look (e.g. her simple LBD) for work, weekend and evening. “Ippolita,” she says of her SaksPOV pick, “is a genius at capturing that sense of perfect polish. And by updating these accessories, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of the staple clothing pieces in your wardrobe.”

Her last word of advice? It’s a classic: “I truly believe you need to wear the piece — it cannot wear you.”

WORK: “On an average day in the office, I like easy pieces with heels. I tend to wear a lot of black and rely on accessories to change the tone or mood of my look.” A malachite onyx and gold pendant looks just right!

WEEKEND: A stack of gold and gemstone bangles represent the quintessential Ippolita look!

EVENING: Stacked of glittering bangles, a great pair of chandelier earrings and a cocktail ring give a festive and chic look!



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