Terron’s Takes: Impressions from London

Follow Terron Schaefer as he travels to Europe for the Fall 2013 collections

First stop London. Of all the London shows, L’Wren Scott’s show was the most extravagant. This was her first London presentation, and the true Brit in her wanted everything gilded. The venue was One Great George Street, a beautiful Edwardian building a block from Parliament whose gold leaf ceilings were echoed by gilded shoes, belts, sunglasses and embroidery on the runway.

Gilded names were in attendance (Anna, Mick and all the rest). At one point, lunch was served with drinks in gilded glasses. Even the shepherd’s pie seemed to have a golden crown (though I’ve always believed the shepherd’s pie served on Mondays at Green’s in the West End to be the gold standard).

Other notable shows included master of the print Mary Katrantzou, who draped her models in oversize digital photography prints that turned the runway into a walking art gallery.

Fans of Mary should check out her denim collaboration with Current/Elliott that Saks picked up for spring — her prints are based on the lines on passport pages.



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Fashion, Fast!

Get the look off fall ’13 fashion right now

Patience. What of it when it comes to fashion? Hardly able to wait until fall 2013 to wear some of the amazing trends from New York Fashion Week, I took a cue from Saks senior women’s fashion director, Colleen Sherin, taking her favorite looks fresh off the runway and sought to get the look now. Because isn’t it nicer when someone holds your hand a little bit? Especially when it comes to fashion, which can seem intimidating sometimes — but no need to worry, we have you covered.

To start, Colleen proclaimed her love for classic elements, as shown in the latest Marc Jacobs collection. “I love the chic simplicity of reinvented classics.” One particular outfit paired a fitted knit with an embellished pencil skirt, which turns workwear staples on their heads. And thanks to fashion’s current obsession with all things ornate, there are tons of pieces to choose from — try a slim skirt like that by Diane von Furstenberg and an equally slim sweater from Inhabit to get the classic look.

According to Colleen, “oversized knits worn with short flared skirts were a major look on the New York runways,” which means that the easiest way for you to put together this outfit on your own is to find — you guessed it — a loose sweater and full mini to create a killer combination like those seen at Rag & Bone’s show. Need suggestions? This boxy knit from T by Alexander Wang would work perfectly with BCBGMAXAZRIA’s ponte flare skirt.

One of Colleen’s favorite fall trends is the luxe sweatshirt, as seen at 3.1 Phillip Lim. “Luxe Sweatshirts are a key trend for fall 2013, and this one in leather with side-zip details is spot on,” declares Sherin of this Lim look. I second that motion. Seek out similar styles in a rich material and interesting details like the J Brand and Stella McCartney versions above. Add trousers for a look that is unique yet still appropriate for work.

Now that wasn’t too hard, was it? Go off and be your bad self, ladies. These autumnal trends are yours for the taking right now.



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NYFW, The Outtakes

Saks’ Official New York Fashion Week Street Style Photographer shares some of her best shots!

Where did she get that? Why Saks, of course! As you know by now, we tapped Karen Blanchard, the uber cool, camera toting, well-shod blogger of Where Did U Get That? to capture the latest trends at New York Fashion Week for Saks.com. Karen braved frigid winter temperatures, a blizzard named Nemo and a dearth of available taxis, all in the name of fashion. Here are some of her favorite outtakes from our shoot!

“The biggest challenge of shooting fashion week in February is the temperature. It’s so much colder in New York in February….and yet everyone manages to dress smart and cool and chic in every outfit.”


“There’s such troupers, they’re the fashion soldiers,” says Blanchard of well-dressed industry-types. “You see women in the brightest sherbets, pastels, neons — and they’re leaping over puddles and sleet! They contrast beautifully with the city.


 Miroslava Duma, wearing Chanel Haute Couture, Blanchard’s favorite street style subject.


“As far as jewelry I’ve always thought that during winter it’s less seen, so I always look to those trying to work against that and work in the jewelry anyway. Perfect layering pieces to pop out of a coat sleeve!”


“There are a lot of people on the streets themselves that nobody knows…I call them the phantom stars.”



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Menswear Runway Report

Our globetrotting Men's Fashion Director Eric Jennings shares his top runway picks

The world of men’s wear recently descended upon Europe for the semiannual exhibition of the men’s collections at Pitti Uomo in Florence and men’s fashion weeks in Milan and Paris. Having just taken in dozens of runway shows and presentations, Saks Fifth Avenue’s intrepid VP and Men’s Fashion Director Eric Jennings distills the season to his five favorite looks. Think of it as your sartorial Cliffs Notes for Fall 2013.

3.1 Phillip Lim

“A fantastic patchwork military jacket with a jacquard knit sweater.”


Paul Smith

“The bomber jacket is the must have piece next fall. I love the fur lining on this bomber as well as the intarsia knit sweater, and printed shirt and tie.”



“Astrakhan is a runway favorite this season and I love it paired back with denim in this look.”



“I love Prince of Whales plaid and how Valentino used the black leather detail to make this look very modern.”


Viktor & Rolf

“I’m calling fall 2013 the the season of the coat, as I’ve never seen so much outerwear on the runways. Brown is an important new color for tailored clothing, which is why I love this head to toe brown look from Viktor & Rolf. This topcoat has a removable fur trim collar and the cable turtleneck sweater has an interesting resin coating.”



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The Measure of a Man

Ralph Lauren Black Label opens a shop at Saks complete with a Made-to-Measure boutique

With the opening of the new Ralph Lauren Black Label  we talked over the process with two experts in the menswear field: Men’s Fashion Director and Saks Insider Eric Jennings and GQ’s executive merchandising stylist Brett Fahlgren (who also has his own neckwear and accessories collection under the label Fahlgren and edits Style Ledger).

SaksPOV: How is made-to-measure suiting ultimately different from something off the rack?

Brett Fahlgren: It’s a special experience from start to finish: from selecting a fabric from hundreds of options and getting properly measured and fit with an expert tailor, to choosing key details like button stance and liner. Customization is important in menswear and all men should consider made-to-measure.

SaksPOV: What are a few things men should consider when doing made-to-measure?

Eric Jennings: Made-to-measure is not bespoke. You will still be working with what we call the designer’s “block” so it will look similar to the silhouette off the rack, but it will certainly fit you better and require fewer alterations.

B.F.: Really consider what type of suit and fabric you want for this very special addition to your closet. Is it something for your wedding day, worn just a few times a year, or will it be your best suit for the office, for your most important business engagements. Whatever you determine, enjoy the process and take your time, fine-tuning and taking advantage of the many options available. And remember that when it comes to finding the perfect suit, fit is the most important element to master.

SaksPOV: What should they avoid?

E.J.: Avoid putting too many “bells and whistles” if they offer you fancy linings, stitching and pockets. Keep it sophisticated and avoid too much novelty.

B.F.: This is a very special suit that you should be wearing confidently for years to come. Don’t overthink the fabric options and decide to go bold on color pattern in order for it to stand out. You’ll be wondering several years down the road why you never wear it. The minimal beauty of a navy suit is often just right.

SaksPOV: Which body types does made-to-measure best suit?

E.J.: It’s perfect for any guy who does is not the “average” body type. For example, athletic guys have fuller chests and narrower waists.  Some guys have longer than average arms, fuller than average chests, or more girth around the middle. A suit will always make a man look better if it fits him right, so for the guys described, made-to-measure is definitely the way to go.

B.F.: Even if you’re a perfect 40 regular, a made-to-measure suit just feels differently from off the rack suits. That said, many men require a significant amount of tailoring when they make a suit purchase and MTM makes perfect sense for them. They may end up spending less on MTM vs. traditional suiting when you factor in tailoring.

SaksPOV: What are the key silhouettes that you love right now?

E.J.:  A two-button notch lapel jacket with side vents is standard. However, these days, I like the rolled to two-button jacket model.

SaksPOV: Any styling tips?

B.F: For this fall season I like to match up my gray and navy suits with a pale blue shirt and navy knit tie, a combination popular throughout Europe. It’s sophisticated but in a modern way.

E.J.: I love tweeds and flannels for fall.

SaksPOV:  Fill in the blank. A good suit should always ________.

E.J. Fit you like a glove. Period.




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