Marchesa’s Next Move

Georgina Chapman & Keren Craig launch Marchesa Voyage at Saks New York

If you were ever in need of an ultra-fab red carpet gown, Marchesa would be at the top of your list. Its prettier-than-pretty confections—dreamt up by founders Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig—are a celebrity go-to, after all.

That said, Georgina and Keren can do casual-cool, too—and prove it with their new contemporary line, Marchesa Voyage. They stopped by Saks New York on Thursday to launch the new collection and chat about their partnership, inspiration, and gym wear (spoiler: not gonna happen).

Who is the Voyage woman?
Chapman: She’s relaxed, she’s globally minded, and she likes something a little glamorous but easy in attitude.
Craig: For the first collection, we were looking at Istanbul. So you’ll see references—Georgina’s wearing paisley, there are cheetah prints, there are florals…

How did you meet?
Chapman: We met in the [school] canteen. Keren and I have the same aesthetic. We’ve always liked the same things and we work well together. We each have our own areas and it just fits.


You’re known for glamorous red carpet dresses. Can either of you remember the last time you wore sweatpants?
Chapman: We don’t really do sweatpants. [Pointing to Keren’s cropped floral-print pants] These would be our version of sweatpants. It’s casual trousers for us!

Then what’s your idea of everyday chic?
Both: Voyage!

Marchesa Voyage
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Saks New York
611 Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets


Dior Parties with Saks

The iconic label & Jessica Biel celebrate the fall collection in New York

Fashion Week parties abound, but what better way to kick off the frantic week than to celebrate an icon? On Friday Saks and Jessica Biel hosted an evening soiree to toast all things Dior. Inspired by the airy surrealism of its Paris runway show (and our fabulous new window display) Dior transformed the third floor of our New York store into a labyrinth of mirrored walls, silver globes and sky-blue light. With Champagne flutes in hand, fashion week’s leading names—designer Rachel Zoe, Elle’s Joe Zee and Harper’s Bazaar Editor in Chief Glenda Bailey to name a few—wound their way through the dreamlike maze to take in pieces from Raf Simons’ Warhol-inspired fall collection.

Clad in a creamy Dior knit gown that managed to shine brighter than the evening’s silvery setting, Biel posed for photos and fans alike. Still, amidst all the buzzing excitement, she found a few minutes to steal away and chat about why she adores Dior.

When you hear the name Dior, what comes to mind?
Biel: I think back to when I was a little girl…Dior seemed so untouchable, so glamorous. Now as the direction has changed with Raf at the helm, it feels like an incredible combination of old world elegance and modern femininity.

Any favorites from the fall collection we’re seeing tonight?
Biel: I really love all the tweed and how it’s paired with something simple and feminine, like a gathered bow. The collection feels really timeless.  You can take any piece, wear it 20 years from now, and still be elegant.

Like Dior, your own style has evolved over the years. Where are you now?
Biel: My style used to be non-existent. I had no idea what I was doing! It’s definitely changed dramatically now. At this point in my life I feel a lot more adventurous and confident to try something new.

Photos by Billy Farrell & Matteo Prandoni

611 Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets
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Dior Under Glass

Raf Simons' fall collection finds a home in our NYC windows

When Christian Dior debuted his first collection in 1947, Harper’s Bazaar congratulated him for his “new look.” Surely neither knew what resonance that simple phrase would have: It became Dior’s calling card for the rest of his life. Now, more than 60 years later, the bi-annual whirlwind known as New York Fashion Week is here and new looks are the only looks.

Now the Dior Fall 2013 collection has taken over the windows of our New York flagship. Since the windows debuted last week, New Yorkers and the out-of-towners who love them (we love you too!) are gazing into a slightly surrealist world inspired by creative director Raf Simons’ celebrated Paris runway show. Next week, that same setting will take over the third floor of our New York store so shoppers, editors & buyers in town for New York Fashion Week can experience a bit of that same Paris magic.

We spoke with Saks Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer Terron Schaefer about the house, the windows and a phrase that spawned our own fall campaign.

Our own fall campaign—LOOK—is based on Christian Dior’s first runway show.
Terron: The war was over in 1947 as he launched his first collection. It was extravagant after years of austerity, and it became known as “the new look.” I thought, look is such a perfect word for Saks because it says so much about fashion. For fall, our LOOK logo is on our shopping bags, ads and catalogs.

The windows are so unique, and soon the third floor will be as well.
Terron: Visually I think it’ll be really exciting. It’s a huge opportunity for Saks and all the different Dior departments we carry. Accessories, ready-to-wear, beauty, men’s…

And the ideal starting point for a busy Fashion Week!
Terron: Everyone competes with everyone else during Fashion Week, so this is really spectacular. Dior is so important to Saks and our customers, so we’re taking no prisoners, down to the smallest details. This is so exciting for those of us working on it, so I can’t imagine what our customers will think.

611 Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets
Store Events

Check back with SaksPOV next week for photos and details about our fabulous Dior floor, coming soon to New York.