Color Coordinated, Part III: Sunny Side Up

We round out our color series by going to one of the most visible places. That’s right, your face. While colored frames aren’t for everyone, colored lenses are surprisingly democratic. “A hint of tint in the lenses subtly updates classic frames. They can help a guy see and be seen in a whole new light,” says Eric Jennings, VP and Men’s Fashion Director.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your sunglass game. The same rules of finding the right style to match the shape of your face applies, but getting a pair with colored lenses takes it to a whole other level. A classic wayfarer silhouette suddenly looks fresh when Super by Retrosuperfuture adds lenses that change color depending on the angle. Oliver Peoples modernizes the pair of frames that Gregory Peck’s character wore in To Kill A Mockingbird. New life is breathed into a style that was popularized 50 years ago by recreating them with indigo lenses and setting them in clear acetate frames.



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Color Coordinated, Part II: Wrist Wars

In the second installment of our 3 part series, we bring the focus over to area with very limited real estate: the wrist. Long gone are the days of the ID bracelet. Now there’s a plethora of options to choose from (like these from Miansai). Having a little color peek out from your sleeve or shirt cuff is a subtle way to show a bit of your own flair without having to shout it. Bracelets have an intimate quality to them. Each one can reflect a different part of your personality.

Eric Jennings, our VP and Men’s Fashion Director, suggests, “Mixing different materials, items, colors and sizes on the same wrist. The more the merrier!” Feel free to stack a couple to create arm party. After all, we shouldn’t take everything so seriously. It’s important to remember to have fun!



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Color Coordinated, Part I

Color has been an important theme over the past few seasons. What better time of year to embrace color than now with the lush green grass contrasting against the vibrant blue skies? One of the easiest ways to inject color into your wardrobe with minimal commitment is through accessories.

Part 1 of our 3 part series begins with something so foundational as socks. While many consider it an after thought, it really shouldn’t be. Hosiery is one of those areas that is noticed more for when it’s not done right. Prime example: white tube socks paired with dress shoes.

Our resident sartorial sage, VP and Men’s Fashion Director, Eric Jennings, shares his thoughts on colored socks.

“For casual looks, coordinate laces and socks to compliment something else on your outfit (just don’t think too hard about it, matchy-matchy is a no!). For the boardroom, classic socks should match your trousers.” Below are hook + ALBERT and Paul Smith.



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