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And the Winners Are…

See the winners of our All Signs Point to 10022-SHOE Contest!

We celebrated our first birthday at 10022-SHOE Tumblr, Saks Fifth Avenue’s ode to shoes and shoe lovers across the world, by celebrating yours! We asked you to write your shoe horoscope over 12 days of posts inspired by the zodiac to win a pair of shoes from Saks.

There were many wonderful entries across the board. We thank you for entering, following us and loving shoes as much as we do!

Here are the winners:

(1) Cancer
The day may start out cloudy, but whimsical forces will turn bright when a handsome stranger comments on your Alice + Olivia shoes. fashionista-living.tumblr.com

(2) Scorpio
Scorpio girl, you own the city. Forget the gray skies and dropping temperatures, keep the fire within yourself! cconno.tumblr.com

(3) Leo
Take a walk on the wild side, don’t be afraid to be fierce. You will find yourself reaching sky scraping heights in your success. goldnbold.tumblr.com

(4) Pisces
You will have some difficult choices to make today, Pisces! But when choosing between fabulous and stunning the choice is easy: pick both! chrestrepo.tumblr.com

(5) Aquarius
Fame & recognition are easily attained when you stop into the spotlight in Swarovski-encrusted Sergio Rossi platforms. stilettosinthegarden.tumblr.com

(6) Gemini
Stylish in silver or stylish in gold? Either way, Gemini, the decision is bold in the B Brian Atwood booties, B Bold. B Stylish. B both. opaquity.tumblr.com

(8) Libra
Libra, the scales of Justice are tipping in favor of a new pair of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. devilgoddess.tumblr.com

(8) Capricorn
Today is your day, Capricorn, to keep your ambitions high & use these Prada embellished platforms to climb to the top of the corporate ladder! bindrid.tumblr.com

(9) Aries
Your electric sense of style will shine especially bright today, Aries! Make your mark in your fiercest outfit, & let your voice be heard! goldenday.tumblr.com

(10) Sagittarius
Today is outlook is on-target with your expectations. With Tabitha Simmons shoes, your path to success flies true. bamboostars.tumblr.com

(11) Virgo
There’ll be no fashion emergencies for you in your Pierre Hardy shoes. You know what you want and you’ll have just the look to get it. thetexasblonde.tumblr.com

(12) Taurus
Taurus, be modest another month. This November, you’ll give in to your self-indulgent side: slip into some Alaia heels and marvel at yourself.



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