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Thom Browne, Fashion Fantasist

The celebrated designer introduced his new collection exclusively at Saks New York

It goes without saying that Thom Browne has a flair for the dramatic….after all, Gothic fairy queens and Victorian asylum patients have sprung from his imagination and into wearable fantasies before. Luckily for American fashion, Browne’s Spring 2014 collection is no exception. The reverie du jour: Elizabethan clowns.

Saks customers were the first in America to see the spring collection in an exclusive spring trunk show on Thursday at our New York store. Clad in one of his signature bespoke suits (cropped at the ankle, naturally), Browne mingled with customers and chatted about the methods to his distinct brand of madness.

How do you envision your customer wearing these pieces?
Browne: I always feel like the customer should dictate when and how something should be worn. My true customer is someone who has the confidence to wear what they want, when they want.

What are you excited for people to see up close?
Browne: There’s so much time spent in the pattern-making, quality and the details, I feel looking inside of the garment is just as important as seeing the outside.

If not in fashion, where else would you be?
Browne: I feel like my shows are really stories that I put in front of people—so maybe directing? Stanley Kubrick’s style really interests me. His perspective was so uniquely diverse.

Finish this sentence:  I wish women would…
Browne: …wear what they feel suits them best, as opposed to opening a magazine and wearing what they’re told to.


Thom Browne
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