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Meet Sara Zucker

Sara Zucker of the style blog Farpitz will be a blogger for SaksPOV this spring!

Farpitzs much? Yiddish for “all dressed up,” it’s also the name of Sara Zucker’s popular style blog and if you haven’t farpitzs-ed lately, get thee to her site — stat. It’s a sharp mix of inspirational street-style shots, shopping advice and just plain all-around fun fashion observations written in Zucker’s smart and witty voice. We love it, which is why we’ve tapped the New York native — who has a masters in library science and was Glamour magazine’s first Community Manager — as one of our inaugural Saks Girls of the Season. She’ll be introducing a column here, tackling her favorite trends and how to style them, and spotlighting stand-out stuff at every price point. And because she also happens to be the Digital Media Analyst at NARS Cosmetics and a major bag hound (she has “a bag a week” feature on her blog), we’re pretty sure you’re getting some awesome makeup and accessories insights, too. Get to know her here.

SaksPOV: What’s the backstory behind the blog?
Sara Zucker: While in grad school, I was poor and socially unfulfilled; a friend suggested I join Tumblr, a social-networking blogging site that was still in beta mode. I quickly realized that most of my content centered around things I wanted to buy myself but couldn’t afford at the time, fashion-based things, so it felt only right to name the blog something related with a nod to my Yiddish roots.

SaksPOV: How would you use farpitzs in a sentence?
S.Z.: “Are you going to a fancy party tonight? With that hair and that dress, you’re looking so farpitzs!”

SaksPOV: How would you describe your style?
S.Z.: A comfort-driven mix of Little House on the Prairie meets the Nineties.

SaksPOV: Your style motto?
S.Z.: If you can’t think of at least three items in your wardrobe to pair with the item you’d like to buy, then don’t buy it.

SaksPOV: Have you always been into fashion?
S.Z.: Gosh, no. If I really think about it, while I was always searching for a personal style to call my own, I didn’t delve deep into the industry until grad school, whereupon I focused all of my research projects on fashion-based topics. For most of my life, my wardrobe consisted of jeans and sneakers — even in the first months of my blog’s creation, I was a bit of a sneakerhead.

SaksPOV: What are your favorite trends for spring?
S.Z.: I love seeing every season’s interpretation of grunge, specifically the Spring 2013 collections from Dries Van Noten and Miu Miu. I was also a huge fan of the “burglar”-like chunky stripes that were seen on many of the runways including Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana.

SaksPOV: And your can’t-live-without-’em fashion must-haves?
S.Z.: Pointed ballet flats (preferably with ankle straps), a full denim skirt and a worn-in moto jacket. All three can be easily dressed up and down, which is key.

SaksPOV: Who are your beauty icons?
S.Z.: Rather than focusing on one particular person, I’ve always admired women who have found their signature beauty look, whether that be a red lip or bold cat-eye. You have so many choices of products and shades to choose from, it is somewhat refreshing to see consistency.

SaksPOV: Makeup necessities every girl should not be without?
S.Z.: Eye shadow base is mandatory if you have semi-oily lids like I do and ensures your shadow will stay on for hours; the perfect red lipstick for you, which may require a bit of a grail quest, and powder/pencil for brows, which, in my opinion, are the curtains to the windows of the soul.

SaksPOV: Could you share an insider makeup tip?
S.Z.: Use fingers instead of a brush/sponge when applying concealer or foundation. Before doing so, warm up the product in the palm of your hand to ensure a smoother, more natural look without cakiness.

SaksPOV: On your off-duty (i.e. non-Nars and non-blogging) time, we’d find you…
S.Z.: Reading, participating in my lifelong national search to find the perfect chicken nugget, catching up on DVR or shopping for vintage anything. I’ve also made a resolution to focus on self-development in the upcoming year. 

SaksPOV: Guilty pleasures?
S.Z.: Champagne, antique lamps, archaeology books and yoga pants.

SaksPOV: You wear a new bag a week, but if you had to chose just one for life?
S.Z.: This is a really tough choice! If I were to use one bag only, it would need to be light, have at least one inner pocket, and be buttery soft. Clare Vivier has a beautiful messenger bag.



Stay tuned this spring as Sara will be styling looks from Saks and showing you how she looks Farpitz on SaksPOV!




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