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Laurice Rahme Works Her Magic

The founder of Bond No. 9 New York visits our flagship.

Everybody knows the story of the genie in the bottle, but what about the city in the bottle? Fitting one spirit into such a small space may be dismissed as fairy tale, but Laurice Rahme bottles a metropolis—all its character and attitude—as the founder of Bond No. 9 New York. Her scents capture the essence of NYC’s most vibrant neighborhoods (the High Line, Madison Square Park and Chelsea among them), but does she have a favorite? We asked her.

How do you decide on a new neighborhood and its corresponding scent?
Rahme: I only do neighborhoods I find interesting. If you really know the
spirit of the neighborhood and the people who live there, it’s easy to do.

What’s you favorite fragrance note?
Rahme: Now it’s patchouli—it’s very warm, very attractive—and there
are many ways to work with it. But for spring, it’s gardenia.

What’s your favorite Bond No. 9 perfume?
Rahme: Coney Island. I love margaritas, and the first thing you smell
is Mexican lime and a tequila note. This fragrance has a party spirit.

Tell us about Saks New York Oud.
Rahme: People love it—especially in the winter. New York winters
are rough, and this fragrance is like a big cashmere sweater

What’s next for Bond No. 9?
Rahme: We’re doing a big new spring scent—Hudson Yards.

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