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Holiday Windows: How it’s done!

SaksPOV goes behind the scenes to discover the magic behind Saks’ legendary Holiday Windows

The holidays are a time where magic abounds on Fifth Avenue, with imagination, creativity and whimsy springing from the Saks Fifth Avenue windows. Viewed by millions each year, the Holiday Windows are Saks’ gift of joy and love to both New Yorkers and visitors alike.

In celebration our Holiday Windows, sponsored by MasterCard and Acer, we took a tour of Spaeth Design, the New York design firm that has dozens of “elves” working to create the magic. Check out how it’s done.

Harry Cunningham, SVP, Store Planning and Visual Merchandising took SaksPOV on a grand tour…

“The windows are Inspired by snowflakes, snow and how children interact with snow,” notes Cunningham, whose team has spent the better part of a year planning the 2012 windows. Cunningham’s team collected dozens of snow globes from over the years, that will be housed in a mechanically operated device that spins them in various directions.


Another window will feature an interactive “snow kaleidoscope.” Viewers of the windows will have an opportunity to see their faces in the screens in the windows morphed into kaleidoscopic shapes and colors. “I love how snowflakes are individual and yet so unique and different — but together we form one body, like a snowfall.”


Another window will feature a library of oversize pop-up books that open to reveal giant paper snowflakes.


Photographed by Isauro Martinez-Cairo



Stay tuned to see the windows on Saks.com SaksPOV later this week!

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