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Aerin Lauder Looks Back…and Forward

The style maven introduces the AERIN Fragrance Collection at Saks New York.

For Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estée, daughter of Ronald and founder of her eponymous beauty and home label, childhood memories are surely sweet. But luckily for AERIN fans, they aren’t just nostalgia: they’re the jumping-off point for her debut fragrance collection. Aerin (with family in tow) celebrated the launch at Saks New York and told us about the moments behind the scents.

Tell us about the memories that inspired these fragrances.
Lauder: Lilac Path was inspired by a lilac bush at my house on Long Island, which was originally my grandmother’s. It’s beautiful…to me it defines spring and really captures that moment.

Do you have a favorite fragrance from your collection?
Lauder: I have to say, it’s Ikat Jasmine—I put it on every single morning and then complement it with other scents for nighttime. It’s also inspired by my house, which is all blue and white because my grandmother loved those colors.

The holiday season is here—what are some of your favorite gift ideas?
Lauder: Candles are my go-to gifts—Jo Malone London and the AERIN collection are my favorites. Also, makeup bags. Women always want new ones!

What’s your easiest piece of style advice?
Lauder: Embrace what looks good on you. Just because something’s on-trend doesn’t mean you have to wear it. It’s really about reinforcing your natural beauty.

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